Car Rentals

To us, a road trip is one of the most exhilarating ways to travel the length and breadth of Turkey. There's always something to look at, something to explore and to experience. Because we love travelling by road so much, we've been striving to make sure you have a great experience too.

Take to the roads in the vehicle you love from Global Vision (GV), Be in control of the wheels and spin stories on roads. We have the keys for you to unlock happiness as you drive away with your loved ones. Choose from various car models and rent by the day. Ready to drive yourself to your next adventure in a GV car?

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GV Car Rental Features

Rent by the Day

You choose how long you need the car for.

Wide Range of Cars

SUV, Luxury, Sedan,... From luxury models to economy!

Nationwide Permit

Drive anywhere in Turkey with proper documentation

24x7 Support

Our customer service team is available anytime you want to speak to us

Fuel Efficient

All our cars are in excellent condition returning efficient mileage.

Affordable Rates

We offer economical rates with a mission to providing cost effective rental solutions